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Pigments through the ages

Pigments are the basis of all paints, and have been used for millennia. They are ground colored material. Early pigments were simply as ground earth or clay, and were made into paint with spit or fat. Modern pigments are often sophisticated masterpieces of chemical engineering.


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Universitiy of Glasgow. Postgraduate taught degree programmes

Technical Art History: Making & Meaning

Through object-based, interdisciplinary research, this Masters programme lets you examine the story every art work tells: the story of its making and meaning; the material choices made by the artist; and its survival more or less unharmed, through time. Researching this all-inclusive story of an artefact is known as technical art history.

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Erma Hermens

Trabajos en la Universidad de Glasgow

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The Art of Making A Workshop on Technical Art History: an Interdisciplinary approach

Dr Erma Hermens

Senior Lecturer in Technical Art History, ArtTA: Art Technology and Authentication Institute,

School for Culture and Creative Arts, College of Arts, University of Glasgow


The 4-day workshop consists of a series of lectures and seminars to which participants are asked to

contribute with ideas, short talks on ongoing projects, proposals for research in this fied etc.


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